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How Much Does SEO Cost? A New Zealand Perspective

One of the most common questions I get asked is how much is a SEO strategy going to cost and ultimately there’s no simple way to answer such question.

You see, there are SEO tools out there that classify every keyword with a difficulty score out of 100. While this is a metric most SEO specialists such as myself use, it’s often confusing for clients to get their head around.

Keywords are like real businesses and different industries have different levels of competition. For example owning a nightclub in a busy city centre is going to be far more competitive in terms of searching for patrons than owning the only supermarket in town.

Keyword Competitiveness

Keywords are usually split down into competitiveness and scores out of 100 such as:

  • Low (0-30)
  • Medium (30-50)
  • High (50-75)
  • Ultra High.(75+)

Low keywords are words such as your business name, words related to your small niche or ones that are very rarely searched such as less than 1000 searches globally per month.

Medium keywords are slightly more relevant to your niche or business and usually are 1,000 – 10,000 searches per month. An example would be, best bar wellington.

High keywords are ones that are dominated by large authority websites such as news agencies or how to websites. Examples would include car insurance, medical assistance, holidays, dating or weight loss.

Ultra high keywords are ones you’d probably never rank for within the first 24 months of starting a SEO campaign. If you have a brand new website, it’s highly likely you’d ever be able to rank in the top 10 for such keywords without investing thousands.

So How To Decide Keyword Competitiveness?

If you choose to work with SEO Agency, we schedule a free 30 minute consultation with all new clients to get an understanding of what keywords they are looking to rank for. Some clients don’t actually know, and we can help with that too.

Once the keywords have been identified we enter them into our keyword difficulty tool and find out the competitiveness. Based on this we can give a monthly cost of service as we know how much time and effort needs to go in, to ensure you get the page one rankings you were promised!

Here’s an example for the keyword, ‘SEO’ for New Zealand searchers. It’s a high competition keyword.

Keyword Competitiveness

If you’re ready to start a free consultation to see what we can do for you then reach out to us.

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