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Why Use SEO Strategy Over Pay Per Click Advertising?

Many business owners are put off by the cost of search engine optimisation strategies instead opting for pay per click (ppc) advertising as it often appears cheaper and more profitable, wrong!

seo campaign vs ppc campaign

This is a typical response as $0.50 per click seems far more attractive than signing up for a $5,000 per month search engine optimisation strategy campaign right?

Well let’s say you want 10,000 visitors per month, you’re going to be paying $5,000 a month in pay per click advertising costs for visitors that might not actually be your target audience.

Then, fast forward to the next month and to get the same number of visitors you’d need to spend another $5,000 and the same again for each month thereafter. You’ll never increase your traffic numbers unless you continue to send traffic to your site.

The difference with a SEO campaign is that you can continue to grow your search traffic without increasing your monthly SEO spend. For example in month one you might get 1,000 visitors, month two 10,000 and any subsequent months you’d get far more than the 10,000, meaning you’re actually saving money by using a SEO strategy instead of pay per click advertising.

The added bonus you’ve got with search engine optimisation is that your visitor hasn’t simply clicked on your link while watching a Youtube video or browsing a website such as Trademe where they have no interest in your website. Maybe they were curious or don’t actually know what they are looking for?

With SEO they have searched specifically on Google or Bing and are looking for the information or service/product you’re providing.

I recommend to all my clients looking for long term durability and success to start with a robust search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy alongside a PPC campaign. You can quickly see which promotional method is right for your business.

If your ready to get started with a SEO campaign then get in touch with SEO Agency.

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