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Why I Spend One Month On Your On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a combination of many three key factors including; high quality content, awesome on page optimisation and relevant backlinks. Without a high level of all three you will never consistently rank in position one, two or three for your keywords.

Most of my work comes from clients whom have worked with other consultants or agencies who’ve skipped the two most important steps, high quality content and on page SEO, instead focusing on sending a million spammy backlinks.

Reality check: It’s 2017 and unfortunately sending backlinks that have no relevance to your site or industry in bulk is only going to ruin your chances of a page on ranking. In Google’s recent update Fred, many websites were wiped out from using such links.

Google is smart, but you might still get away with sending rubbish links at your website and you could well see short term ranking increases, but over the subsequent months you will slowly die a slow and painful end to your website, and you might never recover especially if your sandboxed.

You see, backlinks are important, but definitely not the most important aspect of SEO. The very website your on right now is ranking number 2 on Google for “New Plymouth SEO” and I haven’t sent a single backlink to the page. It is a combination of high quality content and awesome on page SEO.



Here are 10 of the most important on page SEO elements (Click image for larger view).

Most Important On Page SEO Factors

So back to the original reason you arrived on this blog post,

Why I spend one month on your On Page SEO?

I can rank websites on the first page of Google with no backlinks whatsoever simply by setting up your website correctly, optimising every article and page on your website and showing Google you know exactly what they want to see on your website.

This process takes many hours and is the first piece of the puzzle to your success with Search Engine Optimization.

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